Sapori Olives

From the simplicity of pitted green or black olives in brine to the artistry of larger varieties stuffed with flavours such as orange, garlic or sweet pepper you are sure to find what you need in our range.

Sapori Olives
Product Name Weight/Pack Size
BOSCAIOLA – Large Green Pitted Olives 3kg, 1kg or 5kg
PAESANA – Large Black Pitted Olives 1kg, 3kg or 5kg
MISTOLIVA – Large Black And Green Pitted Olives 5kg or 3kg
KALAMATA – Large Pitted Kalamata Olives 1kg or 5kg
MANDORLIVA – Large Green Stuffed With An Almond Nut 1kg or 3kg
AGLIOLIVA – Large Green Stuffed With A Clove Of Garlic 1kg or 3kg
LEMOLIVA – Large Green Stuffed With Lemon 1kg or 3kg
ARANCIOLIVA – Large Green Stuffed With Orange 1kg
PEPEROLIVA – Large Green Stuffed With Sweet Pepper 1kg or 3kg
SPICY COCKTAIL – Large Green Stuffed With Piri – Piri & Jalapeno Peppers – Very Hot !! 1kg
MAROCHELLA – Marinated Dry Black Olives 850g or 2.4kg
Etna – Whole Cracked Large Green Marinated 1kg or 3kg
Green Olives Stuffed With Feta 3.2kg
Green Olives Stuffed With Sun-Dried Tomatoes 1kg
Pitted Black Olives In Brine 4kg tin
Pitted Green Olives In Brine 4kg tin
Pitted Kalamata Olive In Brine 2kg