Pastry Cups & Cases

This range will undoubtedly make your life easier with amazing results being achieved with the minimum of effort. Our pastry cups and cases look and taste great and come in a variety of shapes and sizes. We feel sure there will be something here to meet your requirement.

Pastry Cups & Cases
Product Name Weight/Pack Size
CANAPE CUPS – 4cm Neutral 480 units
MINI QUICHE CASES – 6cm Neutral 240 units
SMALL QUICHE CASES – 8.5cm Neutral 144 units
Mini Bouche {Vol Au Vent} – 4cm Butter Puff pastry Neutral 240 units
Mini Choux {Profiterole} – 4cm Butter Neutral 75 units
Mini Éclair – 5cm Butter Neutral 80 units
PURE BUTTER PUFF PASTRY SHEETS  - FROZEN Each sheet is 68cm x 45cm and weighs 900g 16 sheets
MINI FLUTED BUTTER S/C TART – 4.5cm Sweet 240 units
FLUTED BUTTER S/C TART – 8.5cm Sweet 140 units
FLUTED BUTTER S/C TART – 11cm Sweet 72 units
FLUTED BUTTER S/C TART – 28cm Sweet 10 units
FILO CROWNS – 1 inch 180 units

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