Tea Cakes, Sweet and Fruit Breads

From the delightfully authentic mini fruited butter brioche to the unusual combination of flavours that is the Rosemary and Raisin loaf, the range of teacakes, sweet and fruit breads is something to behold.

Served as a dessert accompaniment or with a pot of steaming hot tea in the afternoon this range will satisfy and impress.

Tea Cakes, Sweet and Fruit Breads
Product Name Description Weight/Pack Size
Baked Tea Cake 110g 45
Rosemary and Raisin Loaf 290g 15
Fruited Rustic Loaf 270g 15
Individual Fruited Rustic 55g 60
Brioche Loaf 270g 20
Mini Brioche Loaf 60g 48
Mini Fruited Brioche Loaf 60g 48