Cheese and Chutneys

Cheese is our passion

We know a thing or two about cheese and that’s why we can offer you a huge selection of the best of the cheese producers in the British Isles and across Continental Europe.

From the humble ingredient cheese to handmade flavoursome cheeses there will be something in our range to satisfy your requirement.

We can supply you with a choice of different shapes and sizes from Block Cheeses to Pre-packed and all portions in between.

We also hold a large range of Blended and Soft Cheeses that offer the hotelier, restaurateur or chef options with which to delight their guests.

We understand that too much choice can be a bind for busy people so we’ve split our cheese selection in to manageable chunks. But remember, we are always available to guide you through our collection to make sure you get exactly what it is you are looking for.


Exclusive to Hill’s Fine Foods is Picklin’ Rics range of homemade chutneys, lovingly made with a modern take on some traditional recipes. View range


Our range of savoury and sweet biscuits is the perfect accompaniment to cheese board or coffee. View range