Continental Breads

We can provide a wide range of deliciously tempting continental breads made by the artisan bakers at Speciality Breads. The highest standards are adhered to so that our customers get the very best of what the Continent has to offer.

Made without compromise from traditional recipes the range will delight the eye as well as the taste buds.

Continental Rolls
Product Name Description Weight/Pack Size
Round Ciabatta Roll 100g 45
Large Ciabatta Roll 130g 35
Individual Ciabatta Roll 100g 40
Rosemary Focaccia Roll 100g 40
Sun-dried Tomato/Basil Focaccia Roll 100g 40
Olive/Oregano Focaccia Roll 100g 40
Plain Panini 110g 35
Herb Panini 110g 35
Continental Loaves
Product Name Description Weight/Pack Size
French Rustique 290g 12
Mediterranean Tomato Bread 600g 8
Mediterranean Olive Bread 600g 8
Pugliese 430g 9
Ciabatta 270g 20
Sun-dried Tomato Ciabatta 270g 20
Olive Ciabatta 270g 20
Focaccia and Rosemary 290g 15
Focaccia and Rosemary/4 290g 15
Couronne Loaf 400g 8
Multi Grain Batard 250g 15
Mixed Rolls Selection Box
Product Name Description Weight/Pack Size
Mediterranean Rolls (Mixed box selection 5x15) 55g 75
Mini Rolls Choice (Mixed box selection 5x20) 35g 100