English Breads

You may not have known that English breads could be so diverse and interesting. We can offer Kentish Huffkins made with regionally sourced stone ground flour giving it that extra special taste.

The range is further enhanced with a variety of traditional English tin loaves made with the finest ingredients. If you need top quality regular bread then look no further than this range.

English Rolls
Product Name Description Weight/Pack Size
White Kentish Huffkins 120g 40
Brown Kentish Huffkins 120g 40
White Large Bap 120g 35
Multi Grain Large Bap 120g 35
Walnut Bap 100g 40
English Loaves
Product Name Description Weight/Pack Size
Brown Tin 430g 15
White Tin 430g 14
Multi-grain Tin 430g 15
Wholemeal Tin 430g 15
Wholemeal Quartered 350g 15
Sunflower and Honey Cob 290g 15
Light Rye Bread 290g 15
Walnut Bloomer 290g 15
Sourdough Loaf 270g 12
Three Grain Star 290g 15